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Emile van Geel   |   September 15, 2014   |   High tech   |  

Friday September 12th, 2014 the 5th EyeOn Spare Parts Management took place at the facilities of PACCAR parts (aka DAF trucks).  After a lunch in the “Dafetaria” there was time to “hug a truck”, where we had the opportunity to meet the new Euro 6 trucks, the DAF XF, CF and LF.

How tens of thousands new spare parts for the Euro 6  trucks are managed was explained via a warehouse tour and presentations following. The PACCAR parts challenge is to effectively manage 300 thousand orderable parts with a service obligation of 10 to 20 years in a limited space with a limited budget and an ambitious delivery performance target. Explained was how the planning cycle works. An important step is the decision to stock or not to stock an item depending on the demand, to prevent flip flopping upper and lower limits are used. Once decided to stock an item the stocking policy kicks in where based on costs and hits (demand) the service level is assigned. Safety stock calculations are done via intelligent logic where amongst others the costs and demand during lead time are taken into account. Also the implementation of a new advanced planning systems was presented with special attention to the lessons learned from a project management point of view.

We can look back at a very exciting idealab thanks to the hospitality of PACCAR parts… will be continued!

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