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Thursday May 15th the third EyeOn High Tech Inspiration Day took place at Croy Castle. With more than 40 forecasting and planning specialists from across the High Tech supply chain it was a very well-visited High Tech event. The participants were inspired by a day full of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

On this dynamic day the participants could choose their own sessions and build their own schedule based on the given presentations. Please find a summary of the presentations below and view them at

Luke Verhagen, Paccar Parts - APS implementation experiences for global spare sparts management
Recently an APS system was implemented at Paccar Parts. During his presentation the project manager Luke Verhagen illustrated the background and the content of the project. Besides, he shared his experiences and learnings of an APS implementation at such a large company as Paccar Parts.

Peter Laros, Adimec - Project Management: Using Scrum to improve project performance
During this session Peter Laros of Adimec explained how Scrum is helping them to have more efficient and effective development projects. Scrum is a project management method that uses sprints of 30 days in which a team performs a predefined list of tasks. Daily scrum meetings of max. 15 minutes are used to monitor progress and solve problems. Peter highlighted that the implementation had some challenges, especially in the area of change management, yet the method is now fully implemented and the results are paying off for Adimec. 

Freek Aertsen, EyeOn  - Forecast Services: The best possible forecast!
Over the last decade software companies like Kinaxis, Steelwedge, Anaplan, SAP, Quintiq or OM partners have developed S&OP software. But what software package to select? During this workshop an overview has been presented of the most used software packages with their strong points and weak spots.

Hans van Saaze , Philips - Forecasting at Philips Lighting
Forecasting at an electronics giant like Philips contains aspects of statistical forecast, financial forecast, phase-in, phase-out, promotional forecast, manual adjustments, point of sale information and forecast accuracy evaluation. The forecasting process is an integrated part of the overall S&OP process and is designed to support the dynamics of the various business within the lighting division.

Tinka Stertefeld, KlaassenStertefeld - United colours of change management
Tinka Stertefeld and Daniëlle Klaassen from consulting firm KlaassenStertefeld presented their approach on changes within organizations, like integration, professionalization of project management and planning & forecasting. A change is seen as a journey for both the organization as well as for the person. In their approach KlaassenStertefeld makes use of the 7S model of McKinsey and the five colours of Caluwe. They illustrated the application the models in some real-time cases..

Freek Aertsen, Eyeon - Selection of the perfect S&OP software
Forecasting demand stays a daunting task and at the end it is wrong anyhow!! In this very interactive session the balance of using (outsourced) statistics and human enrichment has been discussed. Segmenting demand according to forecastability (XYZ) and importance (ABC) really adds value.

Myra de Groot - Inspiration to connect people
How to connect people interactively and effectively? Myra de Groot showed us! Engaging all attendees in speeddates, she applied a fun and interesting way to learn how to sell yourself, how to make connections possible, and how to stimulate knowledge sharing.

Harold Bol, ASML - The ASML complexity challenge
Few supply chains are more challenging than the ASML supply chain. ASML has to deal with demanding customers and cutting edge technology. Besides, 90% of the production of the components in the machine is subcontracted to suppliers. Because of this supply chain planning is a very critical process for ASML. Harold Bol, Director Supply Chain Planning & Configuration explained how ASML managed their supply chains, by using about 400 professionals, and how they are constantly working on improvements.

Ron Diebels, NXP - Statistical forecasting: do’s and don’ts
In an interesting and interactive session, Ron Diebels shared his experience at NXP in implementing and improving statistical forecasting. Using the results of a recent improvement project, he illustrated that it requires more than just let statistics do the work for you

Remco Dijkman, TU Eindhoven - Using Twitter to Predict Sales: a Case Study
Researchers are becoming more aware that posts on social media may be correlated to product success. Remco Dijkman shared the first results of a case study of an internationally operating printing company on the relation between Twitter behavior and increased sales. It turned out that tweets have a weak predictive value for sales quantities.

André Vriens, EyeOn - Eventcasting
Organizations are becoming more and more aware of the need to forecast events like promotions and new product introductions through the entire value chain, from consumer to supplier. Illustrated by interesting and appealing examples out of the FMCG industry, Andre Vriens showed that by creating more transparency and cooperation in the chain, shelf availability can be improved and lower costs can be realized.

Companies that participated on this day:
Adimec, Alcatel-Lucent, ASML, Barco, Bosch, Cisco, DAF trucks, Ericsson, FEI, Flamco, FujiFilm, Harman, HP, Imation, Lely, LG, Microsoft, NXP, Philips, TP Vision, Vistaprint

We would like to thank all participants for their input and we are looking forward to the following edition!

If you are interested in to learn more about one of the topics or you want to know more about the High Tech network, please send an e-mail to Or contact one of the members of the EyeOn High Tech team:

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