3rd Idealab Spare Parts Management

Sander Hulsen   |   October 07, 2013   |   High tech   |  

On October 2nd EyeOn organized the third idealab about Spare Parts Management. This time we were invited by forklift manufacturer NACCO in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Spare parts experts from the (cross industrial) companies Nacco, FEI, Arjo Hunthleigh, Océ, FujiFilm and DAF Trucks were present this time. One part of the program was a company tour in the manufacturing site of NACCO and in their spare parts warehouse, which provided a good representation of the magnitude of spare parts and the importance of good material management.

The conclusion after the previous editions of the idealab was that the main challenge for most involved companies is to obtain the best possible demand forecast on spare parts.

Also a challenge is to design the best fit supply chain network for spare parts, including the cooperation with the suppliers and (in)dependent dealers.

A precondition to deal with these challenges is the analysis and classification of the spare parts inventory, based on company- and product-specific characteristics such as the lead time, unit price and number of failure hits. Excellent planning and forecasting of spare parts is of extreme importance to manage the service levels and inventory costs. Finding the right balance and the ever search for improvement are key in becoming a first class Spare Parts Management player.

For more info about Spare Parts Management and/ or the EyeOn idealabs, contact;
Emile van Geel (emile.vangeel@eyeon.nl) or Sander Hulsen (sander.hulsen@eyeon.nl).

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