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On this dynamic day you can pick your sessions and build your
own schedule. There will be presentations by inspiring people but
also expert sessions, workshops and brainstorm sessions in smaller

EyeOn and Tias Nimbas Business School have conducted research
concerning "Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning". At the inspiration day, the relevant findings of this research also will also be presented to you.

In June 2005 we held the first EyeOn High Tech event. Since then we have organized this network meeting twice a year. Our network has expanded to over 50 participating companies across the high tech industry. At these network meetings we exchange knowledge in an open and accessible atmosphere because we believe that knowledge grows by sharing it. Last year we took this to a new level: we brought people from the network together during the first High Tech Inspiration Day to explore today’s challenges and to develop new innovative solutions. It was a high-valued day of knowledge sharing, of giving inspiration and of being inspired by both industry peers and fellow EyeOn colleagues.

On March 14th EyeOn organizes the second High Tech Inspiration Day. Our goal is to bring as many people as possible from our network together again, to explore the challenges in the world of planning and forecasting.

The High Tech Inspiration Day takes place at Croy Castle.

Please find the detailed programme here.


For more information please contact Noëlle Langenhuijzen

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