EyeOn High Tech Idealabs - Q 1&2 2013

Sander Hulsen   |   January 07, 2013   |   High tech   |  

The EyeOn Idea Labs offer you the chance to discuss challenges and innovative ideas on a range of industry topics with your peers from different companies. Trends, experiences and best practices are shared to get insight on how the industry is dealing with key planning challenges.

The sessions at Croy Castle (15:00 – 18:00h) are interactive and focus on developing top level knowledge on planning topics.

Over the last months we organized several Idea Labs covering the topics of Master Data Management, Allocation Management, Financial S&OP, New Product Introductions, the Basics of S&OP, APS Systems and Spare Parts Management.

For Q1&2 2013 we will plan sessions on the following subjects:

  • Inventory Health
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Getting and Staying Lean
  • Promotion Planning
  • Scenario Planning
  • Planning for Refurbishment
  • The Usefulness of Social Media in Forecasting

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