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On November 29th, EyeOn hosted its third manufacturing tour for the High Tech network members. After visiting Schiphol Airport and Omron last year, this time Philips Healthcare in Best acted as location for the company visit. The day was well attended with twenty-five participants representing 18 different companies.

Philips Healthcare is one of the world’s top three medical device companies. They aim to improve the quality of people’s lives trough developments including imaging systems, customer services, information and monitoring systems. The site of Philips Healthcare in Best (nearby Eindhoven) is well known as the competence centre for the interventional X-ray and the  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems.

The day started with a presentation by John van Soerland, VP and Global Operations Manager Interventional X-Ray at Philips Healthcare. He introduced Philips Healthcare and the Best production facility, including an overview of the operational organization. After this presentation the participants were guided  through the production facilities of both the X-ray and the MRI products.

After lunch Frank van den Elzen, Senior Director SCM at Philips Healthcare, explained the need of a mature S&OP Process within Philips Healthcare in terms of service, cash and costs. He outlined the status of the current improvement program that Philips is conducting together with EyeOn to bring the S&OP process to a higher maturity level. Finally he shared the learning and next steps among the participants.

Eventually Patrick Tullemans (Senior Consultant at EyeOn) presented what it takes to establish and sustain a mature S&OP process. First the companies shared their view on the maturity of S&OP in their own organization. As Patrick indicated companies which succeeded to mature S&OP didn’t only change the process and technology but most importantly also addressed ownership, culture and core beliefs in forecasting and planning. There are several “soft” measures to be taken to assure to engage all functions in S&OP. Patrick also elaborated on the link between S&OP, forecasting and budgeting. A clear distinction needs to be made between Budgeting and S&OP to avoid politics, gaming and sandbagging in planning. Only budgeting deals with target setting. Forecasting and S&OP are designed for gap – closure: get (planning) issues on the radar screen early enough to enable an organization to take corrective actions and deliver on agreed targets.


We would like to thank Philips Healthcare for their hospitality and all participants for their inputs and enthusiasm during the day!

Participating companies of the Philips Healthcare company visit:

ASML, Alcatel-Lucent, Canon, DAF trucks, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Imation, Inalfa Roof Systems, Neways, NTS-Group, Philips CL, Philips Healthcare, Philips Lighting, Sappi, VDL ETG, Vogel's

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