Idealab "Spare Parts Management”

Emile van Geel   |   December 20, 2012   |   High tech   |  

December 19th  the first idealab on the spare parts management topic was held. Three companies from the High Tech network joined the idealab.

Spare parts management shows additional dynamics that make it a very challenging planning subject. Clear is that the aftermarket playground when managed properly often is  much more profitable than regular sales.

The major challenges are to find the delicate balance between very aggressive  service level agreements and inventory investments. Underperforming can  lead to serious penalties, f.e. response time and uptime related. At the same time overperforming can lead to exponentially rising inventory costs without corresponding additional profits.

Accurate knowledge on installed base numbers and fail rates can mean significant healthier initial parts inventories with less inventory risks. Good alignment between engineering and supply chain management is key to obtain this. Class “A” master data management certainly is a key enabler to achieve operational excellence.”

Emile van Geel

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