EyeOn hosted 4th Masterdata Management Idealab

Emile van Geel   |   October 26, 2012   |   High tech   |  

October 17th EyeOn hosted together with Nippur the 4th Masterdata Management meeting. Present where representatives from ASML, NXP, Imation, Vionfood, CZ and GGZe. This session the results of an investigation among 20 members of the Masterdata Management Idealab were presented by Nippur. Next to this NXP presented their successful way of organizing MDM. A clear approach based on systematic process design and responsible top management are the basic elements for this success. 

Learnings from the investigation:

  • Excellence in MDM can only be reached with balanced growth along 5 dimensions.
    o Process
    o Governance
    o Data quality
    o Technology
    o Integration 
  • When companies strive for excellence in MDM, they move through 4 maturity stages. 
    o Stage 1. Getting started
    o Stage 2. Establishing control
    o Stage 3. Dealing with complexity
    o Stage 4. Sustainable through technology

Future MDM sessions will be organized around actual themes in the MDM area. If you want to join these meetings please send your request to Emile van Geel.

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