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Dealing with short term demand changes! No “on-size-fits-all” solution!

April 13th 2017, the second High Tech Equipment supply chain event took place at Croy Castle. As preparation for this event an interview with 16 companies was executed to collected the best practices. Companies participating ...

Emile van Geel   |   April 19, 2017   |   High tech

EyeOn idealab about Spare Parts Management

On March 16th EyeOn organized the 8th idealab about Spare Parts Management. Océ invited the network to visit their facilities in Venlo. Spare parts experts from AGCO corp., Ericsson, Eneco, FujiFilm, Getinge Group, ...

Bram Vercammen   |   March 23, 2017   |   High tech

Kick Off High Tech Equipment Supply Chain network – Dealing with uncertainty

Thursday October 13th, 2016 the first event of a new EyeOn High Tech network took place at Croy Castle. This event is especially set up to bring together companies in the equipment supply chain and discuss challenges, trends ...

Emile van Geel   |   November 07, 2016   |   High tech

BLOG: CES 2016; the future just got even more interesting!

Every medium having even the slightest affinity with technology has been flooded with news regarding the biggest display of consumer electronics in the world; the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Over nearly 50 ...

Tom Vaessen   |   January 25, 2016   |   High tech

High Tech network event at the Antwerp ZOO about "The S&OP pitfalls & trends"

Picture 1: The High Tech participants in front of their ancestors May 21st 2015 the 16th EyeOn High Tech network event took place. This time the great and historical venue of the Antwerp ZOO provided a completely different ...

Emile van Geel   |   June 04, 2015   |   High tech

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