ASML Central Planning Support

EyeOn   |   June 06, 2011   |   High tech

Business Goal: Relieve Central Planning staff from part of its tasks and realize improvements in existing way of working.


The aim during the first part of the assignment is to take over and streamline the system enhancement planning process. System enhancements are options that that customers can add to the lithography systems they purchase from ASML. Our role in this process is to find the right balance between the sales forecast and the material requirements that are communicated towards the supply chain.

During the second part, the long term capacity planning processes are taken over and critically reviewed. Here the objective is to translate long term marketing forecasts into capacity requirements for ASML and its supplier base. Additionally, a product planning roadmap is to be designed that clearly indicates the milestones and deadlines involved in the introduction of new lithography system types.

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