Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding – Implementation planning improvement

EyeOn   |   June 01, 2011   |   High tech

For Damen Schelde, EyeOn has performed a scan of the planning process. In this scan several interviews were held throughout the organization and quantitative data was analyzed to challenge and reinforce the interview results. This scan identified several improvement areas concerning the planning. In combination with the planning improvement trajectories already present at Damen, a step-by-step roadmap to take the different levels of planning to a higher level was presented.

Damen Schelde has asked EyeOn to implement these improvements. Right now, EyeOn is in the middle of the implementation trajectory focussing on the quality and consistency of the information in the planning. Besides,  Earned Value Project Management has been implemented for being able to effectively manage projects on all levels of the organization. Also, a business planning platform has been created to maximize the effectiveness of the decision making process at the highest level. These improvements, focussing both on the business planning level and the operational planning level, are implemented in close collaboration with Damen Schelde process owners.

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