Philips Healthcare S&OP Improvement

EyeOn   |   May 02, 2011   |   High tech

In accomplishing the Customer Value Chain, Philips wants to improve End-to-End visibility of the chain, demand forecasting and forecast accuracy as well as the harmonization of the processes across the key markets and BU’s by an integrated supply function. This project aims to integrate the S&OP process with other Planning and Control processes, by delivering a market based unconstrained demand plan, that is checked on its feasibility in supply. The project delivers a transparent standardized process for all BU’s within Philips Healthcare.

In the design of the project a split is made between a first implementation phase , focused on achieving quick wins and the second phase, in which structural solutions will be implemented.

EyeOn supports the project with the design of the global S&OP process, blueprinting the detailed process steps and alignment meetings. The implementation of the processes and installation of the alignment meetings are enabled by providing standardized metrics sets and reporting packs.  For the demand planning processes EyeOn improves the existing demand planning tools and facilitates the demand planning process implementations in the sales regions.

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