Xycarb Interim Strategic Logistics management

Stephan Wouters   |   January 06, 2015   |   High tech

Xycarb Ceramics is the market leader in ceramics products for the Semiconductor, LED and Solar industry. The company has its headquarters in Helmond, The Netherlands, with production sites in Helmond and Georgetown, Texas USA, and repair shops in Singapore, Taiwan and China.

In their journey to ‘Pure excellence’ the company is going through a transformation process. The interim strategic logistics management role is focused on transformation of the Xycarb supply chain.The analysis of the sales forecast has been the driver for two purposes:

  • Effective planning of the required capacities for the manufacturing sites
  • Differentiation of supply chain performances for Make-to-Stock products versus Make-to-Order products.

The differentiation of supply chain performances has enabled the split of the Helmond manufacturing operations, which have been integrated planning-wise in the past, into a job shop control for mechanical operations and batch-flow control for the chemical operations.

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