EyeOn Round table Servitization

EyeOn Round table Servitization

Creating more stable incremental sources of revenue, increasing 
margins, establishing deeper relationships with customers, or building a differentiating factor difficult to imitate are amongst the reasons companies cite to add services to their product offerings. To succeed in this transformational journey from product-centric focus to integrated services offering, ompanies need to evolve from a traditional system based on predictability and cost control, to a complex system focused on flexibility and responsiveness.

The fast development of various technologies is creating opportunities to further innovate the offering and improve planning processes in servitized supply chains. Improvements in predictive analytics, remote communications and consumption monitoring, are allowing for a higher degree of service customization and enhanced visibility into the status of the installed base machinery. To fully capture the benefits of these technologies, companies are seeking for best practices to refine their processes, build expertise and tools, that would allow them to maximize their return on investment.

EyeOn wants to help companies enhance their planning processes in this environment to fully take advantage of new opportunities. In the High Tech area, EyeOn has expertise developing tailored solutions to improve supply chain process planning, with a focus on S&OP alignment. Additionally, EyeOn holds capabilities to turn big data into relevant decision support information through a combined implementation of Applied Analytics and Customised Solutions.

On June 30th EyeOn will host an open discussion with High Tech companies to help share industry knowledge around the following topics:

  • Supply chain challenges High Tech companies are facing in servitized environments. What are the best practices companies are using to overcome challenges.
  • Predictive maintenance and other technologies. How companies are using new technologies to optimise supply chains delivering integrated services.
  • Future opportunities and challenges. What are the opportunities ahead for companies offering integrated services in the High Tech industry supply chain and what do organisations need to take full advantage of them.

Details of event

   June 30th 2017 / 13.00-16.00h
  Croy castle, Aarle-Rixtel (near Eindhoven), the Netherlands
  Free of charge

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If you are interested or would like to subscribe, you can send an email to emile.vangeel@eyeon.nl.

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