Van prijzencircus tot klantenkaart: Point of Sales data beter benutten

Op 25 september jl. discussieerden diverse retailers (waaronder V&D, Hema, Spar, Belgian Skyshops, Sligro, Colruyt) met EyeOn tijdens een EyeOn Expertsessie over hoe de steeds grotere hoeveelheid PoS data benut kan worden ...

Edward Versteijnen   |   October 09, 2013   |   FMCG

Forecasting services news: Eventcasting successful at Dutch retailer Jumbo

In 2011 EyeOn started a pilot with Mars and Jumbo to exploit the possibilities to improve the integral steering of the value chain. Especially events like promotions, new product introductions and holidays massively influence ...

André Vriens   |   April 19, 2013   |   FMCG

On March 29th, EyeOn hosted an expert session on Promotion Planning for Belgian FMCG and Food companies near Antwerp

Industry experts and participants discussed challenges and best practices. Experiences and trends were shared and the maturity of promotion forecasting processes were explored. Some of the tendencies and  key insights : ...

Luc van Wouwe   |   April 25, 2012   |   FMCG

S&OP design and implementation at Lotus Bakeries

Lotus Bakeries began baking caramelized biscuits in Belgium in 1932 and focuses on authentic specialties in the biscuit & cake world and healthy snacks. By maintaining a healthy ...
Luc van Wouwe   |   January 25, 2016   |   FMCG

EyeOn supports the design and implementation of a new demand and supply planning process at Smilde Foods

Smilde Foods, part of Royal Smilde, asked EyeOn to support the design and implementation of a new demand and supply planning process. The project called Plan-it-arium started in October 2014 ...
[onbekend]   |   November 20, 2014   |   FMCG

Planning- en forecasting in de zoetwarenindustrie

In mei 2013 heeft de Vereniging voor de Bakkerij en Zoetwarenindustrie (VBZ) samen met EyeOn en drie van haar leden een project gestart om te onderzoeken welke mogelijkheden de branchevereniging ...
[onbekend]   |   March 31, 2014   |   FMCG

Class A capable planning and control implementation at Cloetta Ljungsbro, Sweden

EyeOn has a long lasting relationship with Cloetta (formerly known as Leaf) and helped them in their journey towards Class A capable planning & control in 2009. In the beginning ...
[onbekend]   |   March 12, 2014   |   FMCG

Integrated Business Management as growth enabler for Lamb Weston Meijer

EyeOn embarked on a journey to implement an Integrated Business Management process at and together with frozen potato products and appetizer producer Lamb Weston Meijer.  The focus ...
André Vriens   |   February 20, 2014   |   FMCG

Lassie – S&OP implementation and planning improvements

Lassie is market leader of rice and rice products for consumer (retail) and industrial clients in the Netherlands. As part of Ebro Foods, Lassie constantly strives to improve its forecasting ...
[onbekend]   |   March 22, 2013   |   FMCG

S&OP design and implementation at DIS BV

With filling more than 700 million cans(!) a year, the slogan “we like drinks”,  suits DIS BV perfectly. DIS is a market oriented contract filler of various drinks ...
Monique Bourgondiën   |   March 12, 2013   |   FMCG

International business planning project at Lorenz Snack World

Lorenz is a manufacturer of salty snacks and exports to 80 countries around the world. The corporate HQ is located in Germany and  production facilities are spread over Germany, ...
Luc van Wouwe   |   March 07, 2013   |   FMCG

Scheduling Wheel implementation at Heinz

For the EMEA & APAC ketchup factory, EyeOn has implemented Scheduling Wheels for 2 production lines. Result has been a fixed scheduling approach, that results in reduction of cycle ...
[onbekend]   |   February 25, 2013   |   FMCG

S&OP design and implementation Ad van Geloven

In 2012 EyeOn conducted a planning scan for Ad van Geloven (a.o. Mora snacks) which resulted in various recommendation for further planning improvements. Ad van Geloven has asked EyeOn ...
[onbekend]   |   February 18, 2013   |   FMCG

Upcoming FMCG network meetings.

Master class Effective Customer Driven S&OP

09/20/2017 through 09/21/2017   |  

Master class Forecasting & Demand Management

10/04/2017 through 10/06/2017   |  

Master class Robust Supply Planning

10/11/2017 through 10/12/2017   |  

Master class Inventory Management

11/08/2017 through 11/09/2017   |  

Past FMCG network meetings.

Master class Inventory Management

04/12/2017 through 04/13/2017   |  

Master class Forecasting & Demand Management

03/15/2017 through 03/17/2017   |  

Master class Effective Customer Driven S&OP

03/08/2017 through 03/09/2017   |  

Master class Inventory Management

11/09/2016 through 11/10/2016   |  

Participants FMCG Network

  • AB-Inbev
  • Arla Foods
  • Bacardi
  • Bakkersland
  • Bavaria
  • Bel Fromage
  • Bolletje
  • Bolsius
  • Bonduelle
  • Cloetta
  • Coca-Cola
  • Continental Bakeries
  • Continental Foods
  • Daelmans
  • Danone
  • Dawn foods
  • Diageo
  • Dr. Oetker
  • FrieslandCampina
  • Heineken
  • Henkel
  • Hero
  • Hessing Supervers
  • Intersnack
  • Intertaste
  • Jacobs DE
  • Johma
  • KraftHeinz
  • Lamb Weston Meijer
  • Lassie
  • Levi Strauss
  • Mars
  • Maxeda DIY
  • Mondelez
  • Nestlé
  • Nike
  • Office Depot
  • Peijnenburg
  • Pepsico
  • Perfetti van Melle
  • Refresco
  • SCA
  • SmildeFoods
  • Suiker Unie
  • Unilever
  • Van Geloven
  • Vezet
  • Vion
  • Wessanen
  • Zwanenberg





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