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Last year logistic, commercial, financial and sales managers joined forces to discuss the maturity of trade promotion management processes and systems. 

After an introduction on Food & FMCG market trends, we came to the conclusion that nowadays consumer behaviour is influenced by 4 things:

  • Promotions
  • New product introductions
  • Major events (like sports)
  • Changing sales channels

Then results from the questionnaire prepared by the participants where shown. Reasons for doing promotions were:

  • To drive trial & penetration and frequency
  • Temporary increase marketshare
  • Attract new customers to brand
  • Introduce new products
  • To ensure timely availability of agreed volume for certain key accounts

We also discussed several tools available to support the TPM process. These tools can be categorised in basic, moderate and integral TPM solutions. And a TPM business case in the Candy industry was presented, leading to higher margins and lower effort managing the promotions. 

We ended the day with an assignment discussing the 2 best ideas per category where the participants will work on before the year end. 

Do you have questions, or interested to discuss more in dept about the subject, please contact André Vriens or Martin Daudey

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