EyeOn report: Agile Demand Planning in FMCG industry

Edward Versteijnen   |   December 15, 2015   |   FMCG   |  

Over the last years forecasting and planning in the food and FMCG industry has become even more challenging. Companies are spending considerable time and resources improving the quality of their forecasting and planning processes. With this in mind EyeOn since 2006 hosts a knowledge network in which over 50 leading FMCG companies share experiences and best practices on planning and forecasting. 

One of the focus areas is how to implement an agile demand planning process that really captures and deals with the specific FMCG dynamics. Based on EyeOn research in this network throughout the years and extensive EyeOn experience in (demand) planning improvement projects, we share in this report a number of building blocks for such an agile demand planning process. 

Read the whitepaper here.

You can contact us at mail@eyeon.nl for more information.

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