Integrated Business Management (IBM): Draw your future and make it actionable!

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FS&OP, SIOP, S&OPnext, IBP, IBM: nowadays a lot of different names circulate to indicate the next step in S&OP maturity. Apart from naming (which in fact really can create a shift of mind) one thing is certain: there is a clear need to link strategy and operations and to link the company’s plans to the right expectations and vision. This is fueled by the more and more volatile environment that many companies face, that requires agile and responsive decisions which can’t be handled with a yearly process anymore. 




From a meandering river to a fast wild water ride …..

On June 11th leading companies in the FMCG industry enjoyed an exciting day hosted by EyeOn to exchange their best practices on their road from volume driven S&OP to Integrated Business Management.  

In the research EyeOn conducted in the industry in March-May 2015, many companies indicated that they struggle with the right attention for the midterm and many companies feel that during time, their once installed “tactical” S&OP is getting more and more operational driven. Therefore the struggle for keeping both the outputs and the quality of the process at the right level is perceived as one of the biggest challenges!

Continuous investment in knowledge and training is key to do and the discussions taught us that the drift to a more operational process can only be stopped by connecting with euros: 


Connecting to financial impact is seen as the success factor to get senior management not only involved, but also owning IBM, making it the business process for steering mid-term decision making. One attendee described it plain and simple: “There is only 1 decision process and that’s IBM, it’s the mechanism for business leaders to steer the company.”

Frozen potato company Lamb Weston Meijer shared their experiences on Integrated Business Management. Their Business Navigator program is a key enabler for their growing ambition and Ton Maltha, heading the LWM Excellence Center gave an inspiring presentation of the Lamb Weston Journey. 

In the afternoon the attendees were challenged to draw their future on Integrated Business Management. They were facilitated by both drawing artists and EyeOn and with great creativity they came up with their IBM future: 


Drawing is fun! Get it going! 

Each participant also made a picture of the first step they will take when they get back to the office the next day. The future is put into action! 


“Tomorrow I am going to put my Integrated Business Management ideas into action!“ 

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