“S&OP: System or Process?” was key question on the FMCG Network Meeting

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On May 22th, EyeOn hosted a FMCG network meeting, titled “S&OP: System or Process?”.

Participants from over fifteen companies joined the meeting at Croy Castle. They were inspired by a day full of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. Some highlights of the day:

  • Stefanie Protzner (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) presented the impact of human behavior and human biases on decision making in S&OP, and how these natural biases can be opposed with well designed and implemented processes and systems.
  • Jochem Westeneng (EyeOn) gave an overview of the results gathered from the preparatory interviews for this network meeting.
  • Willemijn Potjer (Nutricia) showed the participants how her organization makes a new start with a lighter version of S&OP, called GPS, together with the Belgian Nutricia business and how they focus on both the cultural and process aspects.
  • Mark Karthaus (Steelwedge) and Jan Veerman (EyeOn Solutions) shared their insight on Steelwedge, a strong S&OP suite in e.g. collaboration and scenario planning in S&OP.

It was an interesting day full of network opportunities. We would like to thank all participants for their input and we are looking forward to the next round table in the 2nd half of 2014 or see you at one of our master classes, idea labs or expert sessions that we will be hosting. The program with activities can be found here: 

If you are interested in to learn more about one of the topics or you want to know more about the FMCG network, please send an e-mail to noelle.langenhuijzen@eyeon.nl.

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