Forecasting services news: Eventcasting successful at Dutch retailer Jumbo

André Vriens   |   April 19, 2013   |   FMCG   |  

In 2011 EyeOn started a pilot with Mars and Jumbo to exploit the possibilities to improve the integral steering of the value chain. Especially events like promotions, new product introductions and holidays massively influence the performance towards the consumer and have a big impact on value chain costs.

Eventcasting has proven to be an efficient solution in such situations. All data, from retailer to producer, as well as every step in the chain in between, is identified integrally. Together with the category know how of retailer and manufacturer and specialist models the best possible forecast for the whole chain is created weekly . This allows the supply chain to respond more responsive and adequately. EyeOn has implemented several Eventcasting solutions that have proven to be very efficient in practice, e.g. with Jumbo Supermarkets.

After the pilot in 2011, 2012 proved the concept to be successful and was rolled out to other product categories like dairy, food and personnel care. Concrete improvements were made on forecast accuracy resulting in both improved on-shelf performance and less supply chain costs.

Besides FMCG manufacturing and retail, this concept can also be applied to other branches, such as DIY and electronics. Find out more about the event casting solution in below movie.

For more information about Eventcasting please contact André Vriens or Niek van de Crommert:

André Vriens
+31 6 20 24 38 23

Niek van de Crommert
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