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It’s no secret that today’s marketplace is fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving. We continuously face pressure to reduce costs and improve performance, thus we must learn to successfully adapt to large-scale changes. Companies that are susceptible and agile to change, are much more likely to achieve high performance in today’s global economy. To achieve a successful transformation, we must clearly align people, processes and technology.

During our network meeting, we provide insights into the challenges related to planning, budgeting and forecasting in the three areas: people, process and technology. Furthermore, we present solutions.

The program consists of the following;

Opening session – Rein Denekamp
Rein Denekamp is management consultant, entrepreneur and lecturer. He held management positions at companies van nelle, vandemoortele, burhmann - tetterode, ahrend, berinco and hallmark. As management consultant he is active in the area of intern entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation. He lectures at the vrije universiteit of amsterdam and the rotterdam school of management. And was connected to the university of derby and the university of wageningen.

The world is evolving and changing in a fast pace. Organizations are expected to follow these changes and become more proactive and agile by promoting intern entrepreneurship. Especially the medium and large sized organizations struggle with this adaption to change. Show more guts, stimulate the creation of new ideas and be more proactive! Sounds easy, but is more difficult to implement. What to monitor to achieve this within an organization? Who are the key stakeholders, what are they doing and can they do different or better? What are the best practices? Examples of questions that will be covered during this session by rein denekamp.

Vezet – Andre Weits
The presentation is mainly about how technology can support the change (for vezet optimizing the supply chain) and sometimes be the driver for change. But there are some risks using advanced technology….

Customer colloboration – Emile van Geel
How is the relation between a supplier and customer in the do-it-yourself market intensified based on facts and figures. What are the experiences of the pilot project and the roll out so far? These are the topics in the customer collaboration presentation.

Exceedra – Richard Nicholas
Exceedra with present its next generation solution for integrated business planning for the consumer goods industry. The presentation and demonstration will cover best practice in annual budgeting, sales and promotional planning, demand forecasting.     Exceedra are focused on the consumer good industry and work with all types of companies in this sector.

The collaboration of Supply Chain & Sales – Paul Schrama, Verschilmaker
Change is often not the favorite pastime of the average human being. While the success of change depends for a great deal on the people involved. Therefore the people involved need to be (or need to get) in touch with each other, understand each other’s needs and find common goals, to realize a successful collaboration, that actually results in change. Today we would like to take a close look upon the collaboration of Supply Chain & Sales; how can a better understanding lead to a more successful collaboration?

Adaptive planning – Ian Preston
Finance departments are under increasing pressure to support decision making across the organisation. Many are seeing the focus shift from traditional budget reporting to rolling forecasting and scenario planning. Adaptive planning will demonstrate the power of their planning models with reference to client implementations in the fmcg sector, demonstrating ease of use by finance and powerful impact across departments.

Improving on shelf performance by joint promotion forecasting  – Andre Vriens
In todays retail landscape promotional offers are one of the essential means to catch the Consumer. This is resulting in more volatile demand patterns and simple baseline forecasting Techniques are not sufficient. Based on a practical case between a dutch retailer and a a-brand supplier the presentation will go in to the concept of event casting. It will describe how planning and orderflow were improved, by identifying and integrating mutual planning processes at the retailer and the manufacturer. Both companies have succeeded in providing faster, more efficient deliveries with complete availability at the store and dc’s as a result.

Omp – Jos van Heiningen
Om partners is one of the leading supply chain planning software providers in the world. With omp plus we offer solutions for integrated demand planning, s&op, master production planning and detailed scheduling. Om partners provides solutions for producing companies in food & beverages, chemicals, pharma, mill and paper industries. In the presentation an overview of demand planning, master planning and scheduling functionalities will be shown.

Promotion planning for professionals  - Niek van de Crommert
Increasing promotion pressure will require manufacturers to become more flexible than they currently are in order to meet customer demand. This flexibility could come from additional (costly) capacity, additional inventories, or a state-of-the-art promotion planning and control process. In the presentation the enhanced promotion planning process developed by eyeon will be revealed, a process that will lead to integrally managed and evaluated promotions, and more mature and professional promotion planning.

Bosal – Arthur van Bergen / Jan Veerman
Bosal, manufacturer of tow bars and exhaust pipes struggles with declining demand due to increasing product quality and longer product life cycles and to balance the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. This presentation gives insight in the way bosal tackled these issues and how the planning process is supported by anaplan, a software as a service solution.

Closing session – Wilma van ‘t Kruijs
After a full day of inspiration, Wilma van ‘t Kruijs (Bloesom) will take you into the world of change management. A story of success and different pitfalls will be handled. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to share your own change management experience and receive feedback on how to improve future challenges! 

We hope to welcome you at our network meeting on Thursday November 15th 2012 at Castle Croy, Aarle-Rixtel.

Looking forward to an interesting and exciting event!

The EyeOn Food & FMCG Team & KeyOn

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