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Integrated Business planning is where demand, supply and financial planning come together. All plans should be reviewed in an integrated way and lead to a single agreed plan to align operations and strategy with the organization's financial performance. That’s were EyeOn comes in. We have expertise to improve your business in the following areas:

• Forecasting and demand planning

Sales drive your business and good demand planning will make sure you are prepared for sales. A solid demand planning process leads to good decisions and is a joint effort of sales, finance and supply chain management. EyeOn helps customers develop, implement and improve their demand planning processes, so that demand planning becomes a smart, value adding process.

• S&OP

Companies need robust processes and tools to manage the business towards optimization of top-line revenue and integral profit while addressing uncertainty and risk. This requires a very tight integration between strategy, planning and execution.

• Supply Planning

In supply planning, actions are taken so that the supplying organization (manufacturing and distribution) is geared to meet the forecasted demand. A large variety of decisions is asked from the Supply Planning function: longer term capacity requirements, optimum stock levels, proper middle term planning and an efficient execution schedule. With knowledge about supply chain design, supply chain analysis and proven line experience, EyeOn experts help streamline the supply planning function.

• Profitability management

To steer on profitability companies must be capable to identify the most valuable customers and products, while understanding the impact that changes in pricing and process improvements have on costs and profitability.  Business management needs trust and confidence to take the right decisions about the product- and/or customer portfolio.

• Statistical forecasting

Statistical forecasting concentrates on identifying patterns and trends within the historic data, and develops a forecast by using mathematical formulas to identify the patterns and trends.

• EventCasting / promotion planning

All data, from retailer to producer, as well as every step in the chain in between, is identified integrally. Together with the category know how of retailer and manufacturer and specialist models the best possible forecast for the whole chain is created weekly. This allows the supply chain to respond more responsive and adequately. EyeOn has implemented several EventCasting solutions that have proven to be very efficient in practice, e.g. with Jumbo Supermarkets.

• Collaborative planning / end-to-end planning

Each of the links in the supply chain operates in reaction to actual or anticipated demand from the consumer at the end of the chain. The involvement of suppliers and customers in the forecasting and planning process is relatively high in upstream companies and especially during the introduction and phase-in of new products.

• New product introductions

The demand uncertainty of new product introductions brings in new challenging aspects in managing time-to-market and time-to-volume, but is at the same time critical for the bottom line result of a new product introduction. This puts a lot of pressure on the ability of manufacturers to align their processes towards the launch of these products.

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