Master class Forecasting & Demand Management

03/15/2017 through 03/17/2017
Master class Forecasting & Demand Management

Market conditions for companies are challenging nowadays. Increased competition, margin pressure, complexity of product introduction and phase out, governmental interventions and the need for a more personalized care are some of the key words characterizing these challenging conditions.

These changes are translated into increased variability of demand and higher levels of uncertainty in forecasting product adoption and consumption. This has turned the demand planning function into a vital business position.

Despite efforts over the last decades to increase value chain flexibility, forecasting demand is still of eminent importance in many companies. All entities in the value chain operate triggered by the expected demand from the end customer. The quality of the estimation of the demand directly influences the quality of the chain in terms of customer service levels, inventory levels and cost levels. Research shows that in many companies, ten percent or more of net gross profit is lost because of forecast inaccuracy. It causes overages and shortages in inventory. Additionally, the inaccurate forecast causes production re-planning that creates purchasing, financing and scheduling difficulties. 


Learnings of the EyeOn master class

This 3-day forecasting and demand management training is designed to introduce the key concepts and core requirements needed to design and implement robust demand planning processes that drive your business. 

After attending this master class on Effective Customer Driven S&OP you are able to: 

  • Define and execute improvements on your forecasting and planning process
  • Understand the elements that influence demand and value the benefits of a robust forecasting process.
  • Circumvent potential obstacles and barriers to changing the process
  • Identify how the demand plan is best integrated into crucial business processes and the S&OP process
  • Implement meaningful measurements for the demand management process
  • Evaluate skills and competencies needed in the demand planning process. 

This course also offers a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with your sales & operations planning peers from other companies.

The training includes various real life case examples and group assignments.

Details of the master class 

15, 16 & 17 March - 09.00 - 17.00 hrs
Croy Castle, Croylaan 14, Aarle-Rixtel, The Netherlands
€1995,- for 3 days 
You will receive a certificate afterwards
Luc van Wouwe, Freek Aertsen, Yulia Meshalkina, Bram Bongaerts, Edward VersteijnenStijn Rutjes

Maximum of 4-8 participants. Participants are S&OP Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Demand (Planning) Managers, Supply (Planning) Managers, Financial Controllers.


More information & sign up
Please find more information in the leaflet. If you would like to attend this 2-day training Effective Customer Driven S&OP please contact Kim van Broekhoven at

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Please contact us when location or date doesn't suit you, so we can find a suitable date and location for this event. 

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