Life Science Network Event Ireland

Life Science Network Event Ireland

After the successful network event in Dublin earlier in 2016, we are organizing the next event in Cork on April 6th 2017. We are pleased to invite you or a colleague to this event.

Companies in the Life Science business acknowledge more and more that maintaining balanced inventory levels is a critical skill to master. Optimizing or rebalancing inventories while simultaneously getting better grip on service levels can typically be achieved with simple means. It starts with understanding the reasons for holding inventory and defining a segmented inventory policy approach. At the same time, supply and production planning strategies need to be aligned to the inventory policy, making sure that end-to-end supply volume contributes to performance and does not lead to overstock and obsolescence due to misaligned lot sizes or production rhythm wheels.

In support of the above business goals many companies have engaged in the past years in implementing an advanced supply planning system (APS) to provide full integration of all business planning processes, a global supply chain overview and the opportunity to optimize the supply chain. During the event, we will therefore also spend time discussing APS implementation activities, main learnings and the ways to make APS deployment a success. Throughout this full day event you will see practical examples of balanced inventory and suppling planning in the Life Science industry. 

Find out more information about the event in the leaflet.

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