EyeOn Inspiration Event: Ahead of competition via best-in-class S&OP (BE)

EyeOn Inspiration Event: Ahead of competition via best-in-class S&OP (BE)

12 Building Blocks to effectively rally S&OP decisions around strategic goals

Today, sales and operations planning (S&OP) is increasingly being considered as the key means to execute corporate strategy. Best-in-class companies use their S&OP process to align the organization on tactical decisions that serve the strategic goals of the business.

However, all companies implementing S&OP encounter numerous complexities on the road towards excellence. The S&OP process becomes very hard to execute when it takes too long to prepare the right data for a decision cycle, when there are always operational issues to discuss, or when the right stakeholders are not always at the table.

To get S&OP to really work, all pieces of the puzzle must fall in place to ensure continued support for the process from all stakeholders. In this context, EyeOn has introduced 12 building blocks that compress the path for companies towards achieving game-changing benefits by following a step-by-step approach to S&OP success.

To explain the approach EyeOn is planning an inspiration event in Antwerp on October 13. This network event will cover the approach, a real life case and a lively & enthusiastic discussion with your peers in the industry. 

Details of event


October 13th 2016 / 13:00 - 17:00


Antwerp, Belgium


Typical participants are company leaders involved or interested in executive S&OP decision making (Sales, Finance, Operations and Planning)


Free of charge 

More information & sign up
Interested to join this session or you want more information? Please contact Kim van Broekhoven at academy@EyeOn.nl

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