Demand Planning & Forecasting Benchmark
Having an accurate forecast contributes significantly to realize lower stock levels, a better delivery performance and better bottom-line results. In 2008 EyeOn launched the Demand Planning & Forecasting Benchmark for companies to evaluate their planning and forecasting performance against industry peers... (download PDF)

Financial S&OP
Companies need robust processes and tools to manage the business towards optimization of top-line revenue and integral profit while addressing uncertainty and risk. This requires a very tight integration ...(download PDF)

Forecast Services
Translating all kinds of data into useful predictive information requires substantial effort, which not all businesses are willing to invest in. But acknowledging the importance is one step, getting results out of the process is another thing. The journey towards successful forecasting is one of many hurdles and pitfalls... (dowload PDF)

Interim Planner +
Is your planning giving you headaches? Are your own planners overloaded? Are you in the middle of an organizational transition and in need of temporary additional planning power? EyeOn offers the “Interim Planner+” concept to help you deal with your operational planning challenges and to get back on track again...(download PDF)

Interim Supply Chain Planning +
Is your planning giving you headaches? Are you in the middle of an organizational transition and in need of temporary additional planning power? Are you in need of a supply chain planning professional who will run your operation but at the same time bring your supply chain planning organization to the next level? (download PDF)

POS in Operation Planning
Over the past years consumer goods business got characterized by high dynamics and uncertainty. The challenges are big, due to rapid technological innovation in markets like consumer electronics or home entertainment and heavy competition causing an increased focus on for instance promotional business...(download PDF)

Purchasing & operations planning
Recent S&OP implementations have led to improved supply & demand balancing. However, a misalignment with the purchasing function oftentimes hinders S&OP to reach the next level. How solid is your P&OP process? (download PDF)

Sales & Operations Planning Benchmark
Companies spend considerable time and resources to improve the quality of Sales & Operations Planning. However, being fully immersed in daily operations makes it difficult to objectively judge the quality and improvement potential of your own processes. In order to review and take an outside view of your S&OP process EyeOn has developed the S&OP benchmark...(download PDF)

Shelflife Risk Assessment
Many companies do not have a full synchronization of data available in their (WMS, ERP, APS) systems, resulting in hidden BBD issues. EyeOn has developed a standardized methodology to create Shelf life risk insight, to improve bottom-line results...(download PDF)

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
While balancing supply and demand is challenging under normal circumstances, managing disrupted chains in extra hard. Research indicates supply chain disruptions have severe impact (e.g. 107% operating income decrease, 11% increase in costs). EyeOn has experience to help companies rebound quickly from disruptions, by running crisis S&OP sessions...(download PDF)

Trade promotion management
With immature processes and unfit tooling support, planning promotions is complex and time consuming while the effects and profitability of the promotions remain unclear and are not under control. If this sounds familiar: other companies have proven that it is possible to make better decisions based on fact based insights, whilst simultaneously spending much less time on it. So time for a change: How can you make the right trade-offs, with less effort?...(download PDF).


Fast forecast scan
Forecasting is an essential part of business planning and involves a wide range of functional areas such as marketing and sales,finance and logistics. Statistical forecasts provide a first step towards a reliable prediction of what the future will bring, by identifying trends, patterns, and business drivers within the historic data...(download PDF)

Inventory scan
Improve service levels, reduce obsolescence, improve cash position, reduce time-to-market, or simply be more adaptable to changes and events: there are many reasons why companies may want to reduce the amount of inventory in their supply chain...(download PDF)

Promotion forecasting scan
Companies in the FMCG market have to cope with a very dynamic environment. Seasonal sales, new product introductions, and especially promotions are a fact-of-life. Just extrapolating the historical sales is not sufficient...(download PDF)

High Tech

Planning & Forecasting in the High Tech Industry
The EyeOn High Tech Network started in 2005 and since then the network expanded to over 50 participating companies all across the high tech industry. But you are most welcome to join: the network allows you to share experiences and bestpractices in planning and forecasting...(download PDF)


Planning & Forecasting in the Process Industry
Joining the EyeOn Knowledge Network, Planning & Forecasting in the Process Industry, allows you to discuss the challenges that you are facing in your day-to-day job and exchange practices with peers... (download PDF)

Life Science

Planning & Forecasting in the Life Science Industry
EyeOn has set up a knowledge network for Supply Chain and Financial Planning professionals in the life science industry (pharma & biotech, medical devices and distributors). The network allows you to share experiences and best-practices concerning Planning and Forecasting... (download PDF)


Capaciteitsplanning voor ziekenhuizen
Demografische ontwikkelingen, het toenemend tekort aan zorgverleners, veranderende financiële business modellen, kostendruk en concentratie van zorg nopen deze generatie ziekenhuisbestuurders tot het maken van strategische keuzes en het optimaal inzetten van de beschikbare middelen. Een goede capaciteitsplanning op middellange en lange termijn is cruciaal voor het realiseren van de strategische doelstellingen en het inspelen op deze trends... (download PDF)

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